Fix'Tape for Omnipod Insulin Pump

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An adhesive strip for the Omnipod insulin pump

Available in red, yellow, coral, skin, green, pink and blue

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If you want to secure your Omnipod insulin pump, try the elastic adhesive tape.

You can choose between different colours of tape (skin, red, pink, yellow, green, coral and blue). 

Instructions for use:

1. The skin must be dry, free of grease, perfume and oil so that the tape can be worn for as long as possible and with as little irritation as possible. In addition, excess hair should be cut or removed beforehand.

2. The band is delivered pre-cut to the shape of the Omnipod. The corners are rounded for a better fit. The ends of the tape are always glued without stretching. This prevents premature detachment.

3. Once the tape is applied to the skin, rub it for a few seconds to activate the adhesive for a longer hold. Avoid going under water with the tape directly after application to keep it on longer. 

In Haylé's experience, water activity reduces the life of the tape to one day. But that's not bad.

Caution: In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur. On some skins the tape glue does not stick, as it can be the case with sensors or pumps. 

These tapes are designed according to medical quality standards. 

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