In June 2018, Haylé, one of our three children, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (insulino-dependent). He was eight at the time. At the beginning, he was using the FSL sensor and injection-pens to administer insulin. But he soon switched to a pump system, the Omnipod.

Everyday activities often made the sensor fall off before the 14th day. So I began looking for an alternative to the strap and glue. In order to let his skin breathe and to avoid the sensor falling off when removing the strap, I decided to put together my own made-in-France solution based off products already on the market.

A collaboration with multiple 3D print designers led to the production of two original pieces : the Fix’StyleHolder and the Fix’TapeCap, both adapted to the Freestyle sensor.

The Fix’StyleHolder allowed Haylé, an active and energetic child, to keep up his level of activity without worrying about the sensor coming detached. Since I was concerned about our son’s comfort and I wanted to create an original product, I decided to customize the Fix’Style by adding a patterned cotton sleeve around the elastic.

An all-white sensor? Haylé wanted to customize the FSL sensor by designing the stickers himself. To provide a wide array of designs, the project has been reinforced thanks to the collaboration and the talent of the London-based designer Kenny.

They gave us a hand, and we are grateful for that! Haylé a I are very thankful to the people who helped us bring this project to fruition. … Florian who helped me print the 3D pieces / parts, as well as my friends and family.

Carole Kraus, creator of Fix'Style