Dinosaur playing football Sticker for Omnipod Dash

Tax included

Bringing colour to the Omnipod Dash

Sticker with a Dinosaur playing football

Designed by @Milchmania

1 sticker for the Dash + 1 sticker for the sensor/transmitter of the same design

Stick stickers on your Omnipod Dash to personalize it.

These stickers are specially designed for the Dash

  • 1 sticker for the Dash + 1 sticker for the sensor of the same design
  • Printed in Loiret
  • Perfectly adapted to the Dash
  • Made of vinyl
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to stick 

All stickers for the Omnipod Dash can be chosen with 1 sticker of the same design for the DexcomG6 or Freestyle Libre. You can specify this when ordering. When finalizing your order, you will have the possibility to send me a message, which I receive at the same time as your order. 

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