Iron-On Patch Dinosaur DT1

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Green and yellow T-Rex dinosaur iron-on patch with a size of 5 x 6 cm. 

On its tail there is a "subtile" message that only a few people can understand.

Doesn't this slightly aggressive T-Rex make diabetes more colourful and fun? 

With a flick of the iron, it can be placed on your favourite t-shirt or denim jacket. 

Malicieuse creation designed in the Paris with love ❤️

How do I apply my patch?

Place the garment on the ironing board, cover the patch and the garment with a protection: baking paper or thin cloth (the thinner the better, there should be as little space as possible between the iron and the garment)

Once the iron is hot at maximum power (without steam) apply strong pressure to the garment and patch for 20 to 30 seconds. Do not touch until it is completely cold and the glue has set.

Repeat the same operation on the back of the garment to reinforce the hold.

On which materials should I apply my patch?

❤️ Ideal materials: Cotton & Jeans