3D Printed Fix’Style holster + Elastic Band Large 25x400mm

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To keep your sensor safely attached during sports, swimming, games or just in your day-to-day life, the Fix’Style sensor holder is made for you!

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The armband is made up of two pieces : 1 3D printed holster and an elastic.

The armband’s elasticity makes it very easy to use.

  • Material : polyester, flexible and resistant
  • Width : 25mm
  • Length : 400mm

The Fix’Style holsters are 3D printed so you can distinguish them visually and by touch from typical plastic. 3D printing involves depositing and solidifying thin layers of a special printable material one on top of the other. This means that the surface of 3D printed pieces - and thus the Fix’Style ones - aren’t smoothe.

  • PLA or Polylactic acid is a plant-based plastic material which uses cornstarch as its basic component. It’s the main natural, raw material used in 3D printing.
  • PLA doesn’t present any physical or toxic hazards within the scope of current regulation.
  • Colors can vary slightly depending on the lighting of your screen.

The components are printed in the department of the Loiret.

The slits into which you insert the elastic are rather tight. Once the right length of the elastic is chosen, the bracelet will remain at that size. But we recommended, in order for you to keep the elastic as long as possible, to sew the edges so as to not fray them over time and because of rubbing.

Sold without an FSL sensor and without stickers.

The use of the Fix’Style armband is your responsibility, Fix’Style will not be held responsible for the loss or detachment of the FSL sensor.

In order to use your product for as long as possible, be mindful of the following :

  • The elastic should be sown after it has been shortened, in order to avoid it from getting frayed
  • The holster should not be exposed to temperatures above 40 C° (don’t leave it in the car in the summer or in the sun)
  • Hand washing at 30 C° maximum
  • It should not be put in the dryer or in the dishwasher
  • Avoid using any chemical products on it
  • It should not be ironed